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Smart Fruits

Smart Fruits is a Brazilian fruit trading company. We operate in the domestic and international market, making the intelligent integration between the field and the final consumer. We believe that innovation and sustainability have the potential to bring the necessary balance between the needs of humanity and the resources of our planet.


Operate in the fresh fruit market, valuing the producer and offering our customers high quality products, with transparency, reliability and security.


To be recognized in the domestic and international markets, as well as by stakeholders, as a reference in the quality of products and services, for the inexorable observance of our values ​​and for the constant presence in the main fruit markets in the world.


Appreciation and respect for all involved, from the field to the consumer.
Environmental and social responsibility.
Encouraging innovation.
Commitment to the continuous development of our staff and constant improvement of our processes.
Team work.

Our products


Tommy Atkins

The tree is vigorous, with a dense and rounded crown. It produces medium to large size fruits, measuring up to 13cm, weighing between 400g and 600g, with thick skin and oval shape. It presents an attractive fruit color, orange / yellow covered with intense red and purple.



The tree has medium size, open canopy, moderate vigor and regular production. The fruits are large, elongated in shape, can measure up to 15 cm and weigh 900g, have a thin rind in the colorations purple when “gone” and red when ripe, in addition to intense dark green.



Erect, medium-sized tree, compact and rounded crown. The fruit is oval, yellowish green, stained purple red. Large, measuring up to 13cm, weighing from 550g to 1000g (with an average of 657g).



The plant is very productive, having a typical growth habit, represented by open, arched, thin branches and leaves facing the base of the branches, which results in an irregular shape of the crown. The fruit is large, measuring up to 15cm and weighing from 600g to 800g.



It is one of the best known Brazilian varieties. The tree has medium size, slow growth and rounded crown. The fruit varies from yellow to pink-red, average weight around 350g.


BRS Vitória

BRS Vitória is a seedless black table grape cultivar, with an extremely pleasant African flavor, with a sugar content of 19º to 23º Brix. Well adapted to cultivation in all regions of the country. Despite the small size of bunches (200g) and berries (17mm to 19mm) compared to the standard table grapes, it has been winning over consumers in Brazil and abroad.


BRS Núbia

BRS Núbia is a black table grape cultivar with seeds, naturally large berries (24mm to 34mm) that do not require the use of growth regulators and bunches with an average weight of 450g. Its flavor is neutral and its berry has a firm and crunchy texture. It has a high content of anthocyanins, polyphenols and sugar content of 16º to 20º of Brix.


Arra 15™

ARRA 15 or ARRA Sweeties ™, is a seedless white grape cultivar, with berries between 22mm and 42mm. With an excellent balance between acidity and sugar, it has a soluble solids content between 16º to 20º Brix. It has a very crunchy, fleshy and juicy texture. For all these characteristics, added to a good post-harvest life, good fertility and resistance to rain, it has been a great option to replace the traditional Thompson.


Red Globe

The Red Globe grape has great visual appeal due to its size and color. It is a seedling cultivar, pink in color, the berries are rounded and very large (12g to 13g), with diameters greater than 25mm, of firm texture and neutral flavor. It has good post-harvest resistance and productivity of around 50 ton / ha per year.



Papaya Formosa is an elongated fruit, weighing between 1,100g to 2,000g, when ripe it has yellow peel and intense orange pulp with a mild flavor. It has black and edible seeds, rich in fats and proteins



The yellow melon, also known as Valencian or Spanish, is a fruit that has smooth or slightly rough skin, greenish white pulp, crunchy and with a mild sweet flavor. Each fruit weighs between 1.5 kg and 3.0 kg. Rich in vitamins A, C and E it also has reasonable amounts of calcium, iron and phosphorus.



Tahiti lemon is a hybrid acid lime, it is a round, small and very juicy fruit. It has a thin, smooth or slightly rough skin, with an intense green color. The pulp is seedless, rich in juice and has an acidic but pleasant taste. Contains vitamin B1, B2 , B3 and C provitamin A (carotene), which is found mainly in the skin and vitamin A in fresh pulp and juice. Weighs approximately 100g.

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